Helping Throne scale to become the leading creator gifting platform

Throne is a wishlist and gifting platform connecting over 300k creators with fans across 80 countries. They were looking to reliably send orders from a wider range of merchants, so that the platform can cater to any creators and gifters. Find out how Throne scaled their inventory, lowered order cancellation, and streamlined operations - all in a matter of weeks.


Larger inventory


Less order cancellation

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

Scale inventory with products from over 4 million merchants instantly

An extensive inventory of products is vital for a successful gifting platform, enabling buyers to find personalized gifts and recipients to build their dream wish lists. Throne’s user base consists of leading content creators and talents worldwide, each with unique preferences for the gifts they desire from their loyal fans.

Historically, obtaining product data such as pricing and availability from numerous merchants proved to be costly and time-consuming. Establishing individual relationships with each merchant was a laborious process. With Rye Inventory API, Throne gained instant access to up-to-date product information and metadata from an astounding 4 million merchants on Shopify. This integration resulted in a theoreticaln expansion of Throne’s inventory by over 4 times, empowering creators and gifters alike with an unparalleled selection of gift options.

Reliably place orders with any merchants using Rye Order API

Scaling services often present challenges, and for Throne, a significant obstacle was the frequent cancellation of orders by merchants. Such cancellations were primarily caused by manual processing errors, issues with bot checkouts, or products that have gone out of stock.

“For many of us in gifting, there’s a huge risk of orders getting cancelled if you are not ‘approved’ by the store. We did a lot to mitigate this with our top 50 stores. But with Rye, we can now order from the long tail of stores that we do not have a relationship with”

To overcome this issue, Throne turned to the Rye Order API. The API allowed Throne to automatically and instantaneously forward gifters’ orders to merchants without the need for time-consuming one-on-one relationships. As a result, Throne witnessed a remarkable 50% reduction in order cancellations, enabling the platform to seamlessly place orders at thousands of demanded stores. This solution ensures that fans and creators enjoy an exceptional gifting experience while Throne optimizes its operations at minimal cost.

Streamline platform operations and experiment at low cost

With the integration of Rye Inventory API and Order API, Throne experienced a significant reduction in overhead costs associated with manual order placement and merchant outreach. This newfound efficiency empowered Throne to concentrate on building a truly tailored experience for its users.

“Rye is hyper-customizable and allows us to place direct orders with merchants instantaneously. This is where Rye really takes away our pain”

Leveraging Rye's hyper-customizable solutions and the ability to place direct orders with merchants instantaneously, Throne found itself well-equipped to experiment with different products and gather real-time feedback efficiently. This streamlined approach allowed Throne to make data-driven decisions, continuously enhancing its platform to exceed user expectations.

Through the strategic utilization of Rye Inventory API and Rye Order API, Throne effectively scaled its operations, expanded its inventory, and optimized order placements. The platform now connects even more creators, fans, and merchants seamlessly, creating an unparalleled gifting experience for all.

© 2023 Rye Worldwide, Inc. All right reserved.

© 2023 Rye Worldwide, Inc. All right reserved.

© 2023 Rye Worldwide, Inc. All right reserved.